Dialogue: 9th of February 2017 (single), Hava Music

Air: December 23 2016 (single), Hava Music

Elysium: March 29 2016 (single), Hava Music

Muffin: 8th of May 2013 (single), Hava Music

Me and my piano: Sep. 2011, 10 songs (album), daWorks

Me and my piano: Sep. 2010, 13 songs (album), Disque Dessinee (JP) (http://www.musiquedessinee.com)

Norwegian wood: music for china vol.10, Nov-2008, 1 song:
October party records

Lost in transformation: (EP), March 2006, 3 songs

Stay: (EP), March 2002, 5 songs, Opportunity music